about parnassah exchange

We have one mission: Jobs.

Founded by the Jewish community to help the Jewish community, we're a resource hub for employers and prospective employees.

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A match made in the cloud.

Parnassah Exchange runs on a cloud infrastructure that allows employers to access candidates in real time and prospects looking for a job to explore opportunities most likely to be a fit.

About Parnassah Exchange

The Parnassah Exchange Inc. (“PX”) is a 501(c)(3) organization (registration pending), founded by concerned members of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway and the greater New York Jewish Community, whose sole mission is finding people jobs. PX’s primary focus is on assisting experienced job seekers who lost their jobs. PX caters alike to the needs of the unemployed, underemployed, career starters and those looking to change careers.  

PX was founded in 2017 by Elie Waldman, a real estate professional residing in Woodmere, NY. With the backing of local rabbanim, Elie launched the Parnassah Initiative (“TPI”), a grassroots all-volunteer initiative primarily focused on assisting fellow community members with finding suitable positions of employment.

Over the past three years TPI helped many candidates via: (1) TPI Whatsapp – utilized for real-time exchange between its network of volunteers to match job seekers with job openings; and (2) ‘Parnassah Panels’ – in-person meetings between a candidate and a panel of TPI volunteers working in diverse industries.

TPI realized the need to scale the initiative and broaden its footprint. The coronavirus pandemic magnified that need. As a result, the organization decided to build a formal online exchange, and leverage its existing personal touch, through its network of volunteers, with technology to match job seekers with employers. Hence, TPI was rebranded PX, under its official title as the Parnassah Exchange.

PX has established and actively maintains a robust, secure and confidential cloud-based database, where candidates can submit their resumes for potential employers to screen and directly access live job postings. PX mentors are available to actively guide and mentor job candidates with respect to possible job opportunities in their chosen fields, advice on resume preparation, presentation skills, general networking and to act a direct liaison between the candidates and the TPI members.

PX mentors meet with job candidates periodically at ‘Parnassah Panel’ events in an effort to get to know candidates on a more personal basis and to help brainstorm on career opportunities. PX actively engages with and recruits employers to give them direct access to a highly qualified pool of candidates in a highly curated fashion.